Main investments

This tab displays the most significant investments of the Madrid City Council, Autonomous Bodies and Municipal Companies that can be territorialized in the Districts*. Filter and explore the following interactive map to see the detailed information of each of them.

* In the City Council and Autonomous Organisms, other relevant projects are carried out that are not shown in this section because they cannot be territorialized. These projects can be consulted in the Investments by Districts section (Non-districtizable and various districts). As for the Municipal Companies, they also carry out projects of great importance that cannot be territorialized (eg, acquisition of electric buses), which can be consulted on the Municipal Companies' websites.


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Data sources


  • Income and expenditure shown the consolidated budgets of the City of Madrid and its Autonomous Bodies.
  • Inflation is adjusted in January the following year. The annual inflation rate is the year-on-year rate in December.
  • The amounts that appear as budgeted correspond to those of the final budget, that is, the initial budget plus the modifications that have occurred up to the date the data was updated in the application.